What is Tezos?


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About Harbinger

Q&A with Tezos developers Keefer Taylor and Luke Youngblood

This week, we caught up with Tezos developers Keefer Taylor and Luke Youngblood to discuss Harbinger, Kolibri, and other projects they’re working on. Check out the Q&A below.


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What is Staking?

Moku is one of the largest staking service providers in Japan. Currently we only offer Tezos staking.


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About Edo

Tezos teams propose latest protocol upgrade, Edo

Earlier this week, teams from Nomadic Labs, Marigold, and Metastate proposed the latest protocol upgrade, Edo, with new features like Sapling and Tickets. For this week’s update, we took a deeper dive into the proposal and what it means for the Tezos ecosystem.


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What is staking

Tezos Baking and where to start…

At the most recent Tezos UK meetup we were delighted to welcome Steve Berryman from TezBaker. They were amongst the first group of bakers (since cycle 8) and delegates (to use Tezos’s own terminology)— for ease we will be using the term baker because it succinctly describes what TezBaker and other delegates do.


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