What is Staking?

Moku is one of the largest staking service providers in Japan. Currently we only offer Tezos staking.

Staking refers to the calculations required to sustain the chain itself in a Proof-of-Stake type blockchain, and is generally performed by the server administrator properly managing computer resources.

There are many types of staking, but in Tezos, Tezos tokens are paid for staking. This is set as a general principle of the Tezos blockchain itself, and is set to add value to the provision of computer resources.

However, in Tezos, complicated tasks such as managing computer resources need only be understood by the business operator, and it is easy to deposit the Tezos tokens that you own to a business operator like us. You can, and you can automatically increase the tokens.

Furthermore, even if you deposit the token, it has a built-in mechanism that you can complete by just notifying your holding amount, and the token itself will not be remitted to a business operator like us. Therefore, it is a safe mechanism.

However, the increased tokens will be sent from the Tezos blockchain itself to the business operator once and will be refunded to the people deposited by the business operator, so in the worst case, you may not be able to receive a refund.

It is also possible that tokens will not increase if the operator does not stake correctly. Therefore, it is important to select a reliable business operator.

We have experienced Japanese system engineers and infrastructure engineers, and we have a track record of operating Tezos staking service for several years, so you can use it with confidence.

The deposited tokens have the power to express their intentions to the blockchain community, and for businesses like us, the more tokens that are deposited, the greater the voice of the community.

We aim to have a strong voice from Japan to the Tezos community around the world.